"Becoming is better than being" Carol S. Dweck

Dyslexia and other thinking styles, such as ADHD and Autism, possess their own unique talents and strengths. However, all too often in the workplace these talents are overlooked.  By working with you and your employers I can help you to engage with your strengths and achieve success.

For some of my clients it is more about general wellbeing and those times when daily tasks seem to be a challenge. I support you to manage these times and get back on track.

Children who are struggling with spelling and reading due to their Dyslexia often require specialist help. Mental imaging helps Children to get ahead with these daily skills and tune into their unique talents.

My coaching is a blend of styles taken from the principles from Clean Language, NLP, Mental Imagery and Mindfulness.

Coaching your Dyselxia

Coaching your Wellbeing

Coaching your Children

Coaching the Coaches

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